We caught up with FW athlete, Eric Pollard, to hear about his season highlights. From getting out on the mountain with his family, to shredding deep powder with friends, Eric gives us a rundown of his favourite moments.

How has Mt Hood been this season? What does this place mean to you?

It’s been a strange winter. We had a great storm cycle in December, then winter all but disappeared. April came along and we got hit with something like 7 feet of snow over a week. Just totally polarized, no consistency.

Mt. Hood is where I grew up, and where I live now. It’s where my parents decided to plant roots, it’s where I met my wife while snowboarding, and it’s where I’m bringing my kids up and teaching them to snowboard and ski. It’s a beautiful area that is situated on the 45th parallel and thus enjoys four defined seasons. I consider myself lucky every day to call it home. Year round snowboarding and skiing.

You mentioned previously that one of your goals was to go riding with your dad this season. We saw that you guys got out skiing together recently - how was that?

It was really nice, I hope to do a lot more skiing with him this spring. My dad has given everything to skiing, but unfortunately he has a laundry list of injuries and corresponding recoveries from skiing. He’s just coming back from a new ankle, knee, and two new hips. I’m hoping to do a proper ski trip with him next season, but for this season we’ve just been skiing Mt. Hood.

Eric and dad skiing

In our last interview, you said how much your girls love skiing & snowboarding. Were you able to get out on many adventures together this year?

Yes, we had a great winter. My oldest daughter didn’t ski much, but instead continued to build a really strong foundation for snowboarding. My youngest daughter mostly skied. I’m just so happy that they genuinely enjoy sliding down the hill.

Do you have any plans for the end of the ski season and the summer ahead?

I’m hoping to ride for most of May, and then I’ll likely shift my focus on to waves.

spring ski

Thank you Eric for giving us an insight into your winter season. We hope you have a great end to the season and enjoy your summer adventures.

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