Matthew Bourne

January 22 2020



The climate crisis remains at the forefront of our minds. We’ve selected our top ten favorite media pieces that have informed our start to the New Year. In the spirit of learning in order to move forward with sustainable practices, our top ten kicks off with a message from the former Australian Prime Minister, the late Bob Hawke, on why we should give a damn about the environment.

1. A Message From Bob Hawke, by Monster Children Films

2. World Economic Forum, Instagram Channel

Keep your Instagram feed informative with digestible information about the climate challenges we face on a global scale. World Economic Forum Instagram Page

3. Blister Podcast: Zoetica: Solutions to the Global Recycling & Trash Crisis (Ep.82)

The myths of recycling and biodegradable plastics.

4. Goldman Sachs Podcast: Is Sustainable Finance the Next Big Commercial Opportunity?

A podcast for the business buffs within the FW movement. Listen on Spotify here

5. New York Times: How to Buy Clothes That Are Built to Last How to buy slow in a world of fast fashion.

How to buy slow in a world of fast fashion.

6. UN Climate Change, Instagram Channel

Useful facts and infographics on climate change. UN Climate Change Instagram page

7. Outside FR: Pollution Textile: Mais comment consommer éco-responsable?

For the French speakers within the FW movement – how to be an eco-responsible consumer.

8. Time Magazine: Australia's Fires Are Terrifying. Will They Get World…

Insights into climate deniers & the politics of climate change. Read full article by clicking here.

9. Carbon Brief: Australia’s Bushfires and Climate Change

Examining the role that climate change plays in the ongoing, infamous bushfires. Read the full article here.

10. LWARB: Circular Economy and Sustainable Fashion.

How different companies—including FW—are incorporating circular business models.

Thank you for reading through our top ten media features on the climate crisis. Our view on sustainability is an open ended conversation. If you have any suggestions or questions about what we are doing for the planet, check in with us on

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