_guide to layering

When embarking on a day in the backcountry, a good layering system is essential.
FW garments are designed to fit together seamlessly to keep you warm and dry.

Your cold weather system should consist of:

- A base layer to trap heat and remove moisture
- A mid layer to insulate and add warmth
- An outer layer to protect from the elements

_base layer

The purpose of a base layer is to trap heat against the skin to keep you warm and wick away sweat so that you stay dry. It should be made of a breathable material and worn next to the skin.

Our base layers are 100% merino wool. Merino is ideal as a base layer as it is a lightweight wool with natural anti-odor properties and retains its warmth even when wet.

_men's base wear

_women's base wear

_mid layer

Mid layers are designed to be worn over your base layer and under your outer layer. A mid layer aims to lock in heat and keep you warm throughout the day. The suitability of a mid layer is dependent on the weather conditions.

On your average mid-winter snow day, a fleece like the Manifest Alpha Fleece Jacket with its thermo-regulating properties will keep you warm without causing overheating when you get going.

In really cold conditions, consider an insulated mid layer with a high warmth to weight ratio like the Manifest Quilted Anorak . With a windproof exterior and Bluesign® approved PrimaLoft® Black Eco insulation, it’ll keep you warm in severe conditions without weighing you down.

For those warm spring days, you may wish to forgo a mid layer altogether or choose an outer layer that doubles as a mid layer. Something like the Catalyst Insulated Shirt works well here. The waterproof face fabric takes care of the elements while added comfort is provided by a shearling liner and PrimaLoft® insulation.

_men's mid layers

_women's mid layers

_outer layer

The outer layer is your first line of defence against the elements. The technicality and effectiveness of this layer varies and you should select which is best for you based on your expected environment and conditions.

A waterproof shell provides the highest level of protection from wind, rain and snow. Our shells come in three types of constructions: 2L, 3L and 2.5L with varied waterproofing and breathability ratings depending on your needs.

The Manifest Tour 3L Jacket & Bib boast our highest waterproof and breathability ratings, providing protection and comfort whichever way you hit the hill.

Insulated outer layers such as the Catalyst 2L Insulated Jacket offer a mix of insulation and weather protection within the one garment and are better suited to resort riding.

You can learn more about construction and ratings in our tech guide here.

_men's outerwear

_women's outerwear

_layering FW

We categorise our products through collections fit for purpose. Garments within collections are designed to be layered together and we recommend you do just that.

For more tailored advice, get in touch with our team through the chat window or email info@fwapparel.com

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