FW Vision

FW Vision

We create high-quality outdoor gear to inspire and motivate our fans to explore the wild unknown. FW apparel champions performance and modern design while minimizing our impact on the natural playground that we love. Our aim is to inspire fans to care for nature by leading with positive processes and actions from day one. As climate issues become more relevant and urgent for outdoor enthusiasts, we are committed to creating products that last, incorporating less impactful materials and extending garment life with a robust repair program. FW gear is defined by its extraordinary versatility, premium quality and proven performance, and forward-thinking, environmental construction. Pronounced “forward,” we are proud to make Gear for Alpine Living, wherever you are.

FW Origins

FW Origins

For us, finding inspiration is as easy as walking out the front door and gazing up at the looming Swiss Alps. Our garments exude the simplicity and intricate detail of the mountains that surround us. The combination of technical fabrics and understated, minimalist aesthetic means that FW apparel is highly versatile, able to withstand formidable weather in the high alpine while also styling perfectly into your streetwear look. FW’s progressive commitment to synergizing style and technology is a reflection of years of exhaustive research, development and testing in the heart of the Alps.

Who We Are

Our team holds more than 100 years of textiles experience. FW's leaders and designers come from the Alps, the U.S. Rockies, Japan, New Zealand and beyond. The team consists of skaters, snowboarders, skiers, surfers, hikers, bikers, explorers. Their inspiration is drawn from daily life in the Alps, and a collective vision for how they wish to engage with the towering, jagged peaks.

Our Stories
FW Story

Why We're Different

We are comitted to progressive design and functional minimalism while striving toward sustainability.

Progressive Design

Our progressive commitment to unparalleled synergies of style and technology is the reflection of years of exhaustive research, development and testing.

Striving for Sustainability

We donate 1% of sales to NGO's acting against climate change. We also offer a repair program and align FW materials to our meticulous durability and sustainability goals.

Understated Aesthetic

FW's premiere Collection represents our obsession with functional minimalism. Across the range, our products feature critical details but eliminate superfluous elements.